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Acacia Research Corp. - Combimatrix

Newport Beach  CA

Acacia Research Corporation - CombiMatrix engages in the development of technologies and products in the areas of drug development, genetic analysis, nanotechnology research, defense, and homeland security markets. Its platform technologies produce custom

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Bentley Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Exeter  NH

Bentley Pharmaceuticals, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the research, development, licensing, and commercialization of generic and branded pharmaceutical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and drug delivery technologies. The co

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Aethlon Medical Inc.

San Diego  CA

Aethlon Medical, Inc., a developmental stage medical device company, engages in the research and development of therapeutic devices to treat acute viral conditions. It is developing Hemopurifier, a medical device that removes infectious viruses and other

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Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Palatine  IL

Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the research, development, and manufacture of abuse deterrent, abuse resistant, and tamper resistant formulations, utilizing its Aversion Technology, for use in orally administered opioid-c

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Houston  Texas

Deal Finder is the Business Development Center arm of CAR-Research XRM

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Chicago  Illinois

crowdfunding marketplace for market research, crowdfunding market research

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Atmospheric Glow Technologies Inc.

Knoxville  TN

Atmospheric Glow Technologies, Inc., a development stage company, conducts research on the commercial applications of the One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma (OAUGDP), a process of nonthermal, atmospheric pressure processing for use in areas, suc

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Polaris Market Research

New York City  New York

Market Research & Analysis Economic Research Market Analysis

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Kanomax USA

Byram Township  New Jersey

Scientific instruments, Industrial flow testing, Aerosol research

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Kebony is an Oslo-based Norwegian company that produces superior quality wood and aims to be a leading wood brand. Founded in 1997, its aim originally was to modify wood in an environment-friendly way based on a research at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. With the company’s headquarters in Oslo and its production factory is in Skein, Kebony caters to its various subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The company also has sales representatives in Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States and a wide distribution network around the globe.

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Integramed America Inc.

Purchase  NY

IntegraMed America, Inc. offers various products and services to patients and providers in the fertility industry in the United States. It provides finance, administration, information systems, marketing, and research services to its contracted fertility

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Ketogenic Daily

Winthrop  Massachusetts

At Ketogenic Daily, we dive into published clinical research to evaluate and rev

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Womens Health Matters

Philadelphia  Pennsylvania

health researcher, philadelphia, pa

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Legal Research

Los Angeles  California


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Italian Family Tree Research

Sandy  Utah

Contact our genealogy research service at (888) 988-5471 in Sandy, UT, to see if

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Mysteries To Be Solved

Jerome  Idaho

science research

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Drug Studies America

Marietta  Georgia

clinical trails marietta, clinical research, drug studies and clinical trials ho

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Phoenix  Arizona

I am Mariyam, an expert on Local Citations and link building. I have researched

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G Connect Marketing


Gconnect Marketing will help you maximize your visibility with Local Business Listing Don’t get lost in the shuffle We help your business get verified by Google. We specialize in the creation and management of your business directory listing. The review consultation will get you seen by the largest Search Engines in the World! Every business needs to do marketing to get more folks considering their product or service. We promote only effective marketing. WEB DESIGN IS USEFUL FOR SEO FOR YOUR WEBSITE Our team of designers and developers will work collaborative with you to build you a site will that entertain, educate, inspire, satisfy and challenge your clients. Your Responsive Web Project Will Include These Stages: Website Design Discovery. We learn as much as we can about your site’s objectives, target market, industry and competitive position. Keyword Research. We identify keywords with high potential to generate high-quality visitors to weave into your website’s content, title tags and internal link structure. Design. Our design team creates customize designs for each page template. Development. We turn your approved designs into functional Web pages. Launch. We transition your new website from the test server to live. Let us help you with your web project. We understand it is the primary means to run the online portion of your business, serve your clients, and communicate your branded message to the World. Talk to us about all aspects to your project.

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Los Angeles  California

Market Research, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Cultural Insights

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MedCore Clinical Research

Austell  Georgia

MedCore Clinical Research is a family owned and a group of like minded professio

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MedPanel, Inc.

Cambridge  Massachusetts

Healthcare market research, Rare disease market research, Rare disease patient r

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Mid-Iowa Interviewing, Inc.

Windsor Heights  Iowa

Market Researcher, Focus Facility, Off Premise Focus Groups

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Austin  Texas

Research papers for sale, term papers for sale, papers for sale, essay papers fo

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Griffin Genealogy Research

Miramar Beach  Florida

free genealogy, genealogy research

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xRE4vTckPj  Idaho

I find it interesting that all of the ngteiave comments come from one person. Anonymous. How classy is that. I will address the matter of overtime. All of the deputies are salaried employees, and as far as I know they are all compensated with comp time. I don't know of a law that requires an employee to be paid for overtime work, as long as they are compensated, in kind. Builders donatating for contracts?? Give me a break. All bids for goods or services over $10,000 have to be submitted under the sealed bid laws, and in case you didn't know the Maximun prison and the courthouse expansion were bid and built by the Police Jury, not the Sheriff's Office. Again, and I will go real slow, it is not illegal to pay an employee a liveable wage. It is so illegal, that everyones salary is posted on the wall at every office, as well as the newapaper. Do a little research and find out what other government employees with 34 or 35 years of service make. Nita has worked more hours in a year than most of any of the Anonymous's have in their lifetime of working, if they have ever WORKED. Ya'll or you keep hollering about The Church Anybody have proof that a penny of tax dollars was used to build it, or operate it. Didn't think so. Can we get off the church thing. Everyone chooses the church the attend for their own personal reasons. Attacking someone because of the church they go to sounds alot like you need to spend more time in yours, and listen to your pastor a little closer.Discrimination? An entity as large as the Bossier Sheriffs' Department experiences lawsuits all of the time. People, employees included, see them as deep pockets. Instead of doing the job they are given, some people worm around looking for a fast buck or any solution for their inability to do the work they are given. Most of the time it is a good business decision to settle out of court, as opposed to spending more of the taxpayers dollars on attorneys defending a frivolous claim. No Depties working at night? Have any of you Anonymous's seen any crime statistics? How many daytime burglaries occur at night?? Check any law enforcement agency and you will discover that most of the resourses are dedicated to the day shift. Heck, the almighty FBI doesn't have a night shift, and they are supposed to be working to keeping our whole country safe.I will close by saying that not ONE employee at the Bossier Sheriffs Office was forced to apply there for a job. Not one of them is forced to stay there, if they don't like it, they can quit. Let me slow down again so you can understand. I was not paid to comment on this matter because the Sheriff would not stoop down to this level, and he would not approve of me doing so. I don't care because I don't work there and if Mr. McConnell approves of the junk that anonymous' are putting on this blog, he sure won't be a wise choice for any office. [url=]letvcnxbr[/url] [link=]xmouqn[/link]

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Neilson Research Corporation

Medford  Oregon

Neilson Research Corporation

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NY Medical Card

Albany  New York

NY Medical Card is acclaimed for its excellence in providing easy and affordable access to medical marijuana in New York. Our clinic abides by the New York marijuana laws to ensure you gain legal access to cannabis products. Unrivaled expertise, groundbreaking research, and clinical leadership allow us to deliver top-quality patient care. Also, we use a high-tech HIPAA certified telemedicine platform to ensure the entire process is smooth and easy. Our certified New York marijuana doctors understand the value of your health and work towards enhancing it on priority. No matter what problem you have, we’ll offer you a solution. Accessing medical marijuana in New York has never been easier. Our pioneering telemedicine platform gives you streamlined access to a medical marijuana card in New York. Call us today to access medical marijuana in New York.

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At Westat, the goal is to develop and offer services that allow each client to improve health, education, social policy and transportation. These developments occur through research by dedicated employees of the company. Westat has several research focus areas including behavioral health and policy, clinical trials, education, public health and epidemiology, social policy and economics, and transportation. In a recent project, Westat created tools to help understand how Maryland residents travel. This is just one of many ways that the company can evaluate society. In 2019, Forbes marked Westat as both one of the best employers for women and one of the best employers for diversity. If you are interested in working for or with Westat, visit their website today!

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The Matthew Carter Heart Foundation

Mesa  Arizona

congenital Heart Disease tax exempt contributions heart research for children

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Global Flight Research

Sturgeon Bay  Wisconsin

N/A Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, United States 920-664-1463 www.globalflightresearch

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Boulder  Colorado

small business,software & services,research

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Patent & Trademark Svc

North Port  Florida

Patent Searches, Trademark Searches, Patent Research Services

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pile systems

Lenexa  Kansas

Over the years of on-site research and development, along with the most up-to-da

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Sanpar Microfilters Pvt Ltd,

North Brunswick  New Jersey

SANPAR MICROFILTERS PVT. LTD. headquartered in Bangalore, India is a manufacturer of precision engineered, Compressed Air Treatment Systems for industrial applications. SANPAR was established in 1994 to service a specific need by Indian Industry for air-based systems and products of global standards. Energy being the Elixir of Life, helped us to identify energy-saving solutions for various industry segments. Our research under the fundamental laws of energy has encouraged our responsibility towards the preservation and conservation of energy. This has further allowed us to propagate the benefits of energy-saving air solutions to our industry partners. SANPAR has pioneered the introduction of new technologies in refrigeration and air-drying across India. Since inception, we have successfully implemented several large solutions in Compressed Air Treatment and Industrial Cooling. Our current expertise allows us to offer completely customized airing solutions for capacity implementation of upto 50 tons. Our turnkey projects have been implemented with precision and our customer feedback has helped us improve our product specifications over the past two decades. Our commitment to Energy Conservation and our continuous Research & Development efforts has seen several upgrades to our product portfolio. We now boast of global products that can operate humidity and temperature to industry-spec levels of variation. Equally importantly, our products are CFC-free under the Montreal Protocol and we propagate the use of R134 A & R 407 C eco-friendly refrigerants. Our Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) product range includes Ecodrair range of Air Dryers as well as Air Compressors, Industrial Air Conditioning, Chillers, After Coolers and Dehumidifiers. We also offer Filters and Drains with liquid and particle removal upto 0.01 microns. These solutions have been successfully implemented in client locations across diverse industries including automotive, textile, chemical, aviation and several more. The benefits of installing a SANPAR solution will be evident within a timeline of less than 9-18 months of product installation. Our solution will save you Time and Energy while improving your Operational Efficiency. This follows our belief that compressed air, apart from being a powerful source of energy, is economical, portable and easy to use. Product Range Compressed Air Treatment Systems Air Compressors After Cooler Moisture Separators Receivers Filters Air Dryers Drains Industrial Cooling Systems Refrigerated Air Chillers Refrigerated Water Chillers Refrigerated Oil Chiller Heat Exchanger Advanced Cooling Systems Dehumidifiers Panel Coolers Precision Air Conditioners.

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Deep South Eco Group

Morton  Mississippi

bat research

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Latrobe  Pennsylvania

research foundation

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Quality Engineering Solutions Inc

Conneaut Lake  Pennsylvania

pavement engineering, pavement research, transportation engineering, transpor

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The Washington Exchange

Bethesda  Maryland

research company, analysis company

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Birmingham  Alabama

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PFS Clinical

Madison  Wisconsin

Business Administration Administrative Solutions Clinical Research

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Arbitron Inc.

New York  NY

Arbitron, Inc. operates as a media and marketing research firm in the United States, Mexico, and Europe. The company measures radio audiences in the United States and Mexico; measures national radio audiences, and the audience size and composition of netw

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AspenBio Pharma Inc.

Castle Rock  CO

AspenBio Pharma, Inc., a biotechnology company, engages in the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of products primarily for animal healthcare. Its research and development activities consist primarily of the bovine pregnancy test, equine a

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Letter playground LTD

Beverly Hills  California

Journalists writing your article, students working on your assignment, freelance writers, researchers, job seekers preparing your Resume or Curriculum Vitae: please feel free to use this tool to count the number of letters or characters in your document. It will also be useful for marketing, advertising, web design, brochure creation, thesis writing, etc.

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LCC Medical Research Institute

North Miami  Florida

LCC Medical Research Institute 1150 NW 72nd Ave Suite 620 North Miami, FL 33126

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Hippo Strategies

Fort Worth  Texas

Contact us at (844) 393-9839 in Fort Worth, TX, for research-based training serv

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DUBLIN  California

InForGrowth Market Research and Business Analysis Reports

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Golden Star Surgical Industries.

Jalandhar  Indiana

About Golden Star Surgical Industries The foundation of the company was laid in the year 1984 by a team of visionary entrepreneurs who took on to this manufacturing profession with a vision to become one of the most sought after company for all types of Hand & Plumbing tools and surgical & Veterinary instruments in the world. We are one of the noted manufacturers and exporters of superlative quality products. IN SURGICAL & VETERINARY We Proudly introduce ourselves as the One and the Only Manufacturer of BURDIZZO CASTRATOR AND POST MORTEM KITS IN INDIA. There are no other manufacturers of these items. Our wide range of Surgical Instruments are Scissors, Artery Forceps, Autopsy Instruments, B.P. Handles, Haemostatic Forceps, Needle Holders, Dental Instruments, T.C Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Retractors, Dissecting Forceps, ENT Instruments, Plaster Cutting Instruments, Abdominal Surgery Instruments, Gynecological Instruments, Surgical Kits, Laboratory and Medical Equipments, etc. Veterinary:- No. 1 company in Veterinary Instruments & Equipments in India. A.I. Equipments, A.I. Guns, A.I. Sheaths, A.I. Kits for Small & Large Animals, Post Mortem Instruments, Teat Instruments, Vaginal Speculum, Hoof Knives, Obstetrical Instruments, Trocars & Canullas, Sponge & Polypus Forceps, Mouth Gags, Dishoring Shears, Hoof Cutters, Horse Clipping Machines - Electrically Operated, Bull Holders, Bull Nose Punches, Bull Nose Rings, Tooth Cutters, Tooth Rasps, Ferrier Sets, Tail Docking machine, Clipping Scissor, Bone Fracture Fixation Sets, Nail Cutters, Tooth Forceps, Emasculators, Tattooing Forceps Minor Surgical Sets, Suture Needles, Butcher Knife Operation Tables, etc. All these products are made under the brand name of “BULL POWER“ in the market The company strongly believes in latest technology and applies the same in all phases of production. We have a team of experienced and dynamic employees who put in their best efforts in manufacturing world class instruments. Quality production is one basic principle based on which all the production activities of the company is guided and accomplished. The company always offers its products at reasonable price for total client satisfaction. Our Products Golden Star Surgical Industries manufactures and exports world class surgical instruments which is a replica of guaranteed performance and 100% desired results. Quality We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and thus, adhere to stringent quality control norms. Golden Star Surgical Industries, besides manufacturing on a large scale, also maintains the quality in equal degree and at par with the international norms. In this regard, the company has set up a laboratory which is fully equipped with modern testing equipments. Our quality control officers are very firm on this aspect and leave no stone unturned in ensuring flawless quality of the products. Infrastructure Golden Star Surgical Industries is outfitted with modern machines and skilled manpower, thereby contributing a lot in making us one of the noted manufacturers in the world. Our warehouse and R&D center are the other sections that are totally responsible for innovative techniques and safer storage respectively. In order to reduce our input and output cost, we stick to cost effective techniques of production line, specialization and division of work, optimal utilization of resources, bulk production, etc. Moreover, we constantly upgrade our system, process and products in accordance with the industry innovations. Our research and development unit works round the clock in order to keep us abreast of the changing trends in the global market.

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Semler Research Centre

North Hollywood  California

semler research center is a contract research organization that has expanded its services in clinical research organizations, clinical research cro, contract research services, research biotechnology, bioanalytical studies, armaceutical research and development, clinical studies, formulation development services, clinical research bangalore, contract research bangalore, outsourcing r & d partner, contract research india, pharma outsourcing, biotechnology outsourcing, pharmacovigilance, biomarkers, pre clinical services, feasibility studies, bio-equivalence studies, pharmacokinetic studies, scientific writing services, toxicokinetic research, cgmp consultancy services, pharma engineering services, dossier management solutions, research & development, contract research organisations

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Ontario  California

Market Research Report

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