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Beard Co.

Oklahoma City  OK

The Beard Company engages primarily in the operation of coal fines reclamation facilities and the production of carbon dioxide. The company operates through four segments: Coal Reclamation, Carbon Dioxide, China, and E-Commerce. The Coal Reclamation segme

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GeNOsys Inc.


GeNOsys, Inc., a development stage company, operates as a medical research and development company. It seeks to produce nitric oxide gas generator, medical gas generator, and compound formulation for use in generators producing nitric oxide gas for medica

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Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.

Reno  NV

Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. engages in the development and commercialization of nanomaterial and titanium dioxide pigment technologies. It also provides contract research services on selected projects. The company operates in two segments, Life Sciences

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Cabot Corp.

Boston  MA

Cabot Corporation operates as a specialty chemicals and performance materials company. It operates in four segments: the Carbon Black Business, the Metal Oxides Business, the Supermetals Business, and the Specialty Fluids Business. The Carbon Black Busine

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Advanced Magnetics Inc.

Cambridge  MA

Advanced Magnetics, Inc. engages in the development and commercialization of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles used in pharmaceutical products. The company? products include Combidex, Ferumoxytol, Feridex I.V., and GastroMARK. The Combidex, which

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Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

Allentown  PA

Air Products and Chemicals,Inc. operates in the industrial gas and related industrial process equipment business worldwide.The company operates through three segments: Gases, Chemicals and Equipment.The Gases segment recovers and distributes industrial gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbonmonoxide, carbondioxide, synthesisgas, andhelium as well as medical and special types of gases, which include fluorine products, rare gases, and other common gases. This segment also engages in the company'electronics business, global healthcare, power generation and flue gas treatment businesses.The Chemicals segment produces and markets performance materials that comprise performance polymers, performance solutions,and performance products; and chemical intermediates that consist of amines and polyurethane intermediates.The Equipment segment manufactures equipment for cryogenic air separation, gas processing, natural gas liquifaction and hydrogen purification equipment. It also designs and builds systemsfor recovering hydrogen, nitrogen, carbonmonoxide, carbondioxide and low dew point gases using membrane technology aswell as cryogenic transportation containers for liquid helium and hydrogen. Further, this segment offers plant design, engineering, procurement and construction management services.Air Products and Chemicals serves chemical processing, electronics, refining, food processing, medical gases, furniture cushioning, insulation, carpetunderlay, bedding and automobile seating industries.

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Praxair Inc.

Danbury  CT

Praxair, Inc. engages in the production and distribution of industrial gases worldwide. Its products include atmospheric gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and rare gases; and process gases, such as carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, electronic gase

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Dixie (Rubber rolls and roller repair)

Birmimingham  Alabama

We refurbish, repair, recondition rubber covered rollers. We regrind rolls, grind smooth or intricate patterns. We mill our own rubber, recovering and covering rolls and rollers to your specs. Our machine shop capabiilities are huge allowing us to repair journals. surface repair, bearing work, and even build new cores. We can static or dynamic your rubber rollers. Neoprene, hypalon, nitriles, urethane ... roller covers.., nip rollers, pinch rollers, wringer rolls, pinch rolls, brridle rolls, nip rolls applicator rolls, accumulator rolls, furnace rolls, wringer rollers, pinch rollers, bridle rollers, nip rollers, applicator rollers acrylic rollers, accumulator rollers furnace rollers, table rollers Rubber rolls, rubber rollers, rubber roll. rubber roller, urethane,neoprene, new cores, regrind grind recover cover, refurbish, repair hypalon, nitrile, wringer applicater, applicator, applicator squeegee refurbish journal repair machine work shaft hub mill steel core Birmingham Alabama Tennessee Mississippi Georgia Florida Louisiana nashville chattanooga huntsville mobile jackson jacksonville atlanta Columbus Dixie Precision Inc. Incorporated Rubber rolls, rubber rollers, rubber roll. rubber roller, urethane,neoprene, new cores, regrind grind recover cover, refurbish, repair hypalon, nitrile, wringer applicater, applicator, applicator squeegee refurbish journal repair machine work shaft hub mill steel core Birmingham Alabama Tennessee Mississippi Georgia Florida Louisiana nashville chattanooga huntsville mobile jackson jacksonville atlanta columbus Dixie Precision inc an American company in the heart of the US. Viton EPDM (peroxide cure) Silicone Polyisoprene SBR black masterbatch NBR black masterbatch Other rubber materials also available Natural Rubber (NR) Nitrile Rubber (NBR.XNBR) EPDM SBR Silicone Polyurethane Elastomer Blends L. , Alabama , ALUMINUM , applicator , Atlanta , Axis , balancing , BASED , Beryllium , Bham , B'ham , big , Birmingham , Bonded , Boring , casing , Castings , center , Centres , chattanooga , chemical , chemtreats , chrome , close , CNC , Columbus , Component , Computer , Contract , Controlled , Copper , core , cores , cover , Covered , Covered , Covered , covering , covers , Current , Custom , Cutting , deflector , Development , discharge , dixie , down , Drawing , DRILLING , drive , dynamic , Eddy , Elastomeric , electrical , end , Equipment , Fabricate , Florida , gear , General , Georgia , glue , gluespreader , grind , grinding , ground , Guass , HASTELLOY , Heavy , hold , holddown , hub , huge huntsville , hypalon , idle , In , INSPECTION , jackson , Jacksonville , JOBBING , journal , Large , Lathe , Louisiana , machine , MACHINED , Machining , manufacture , Mechanical , Metal , MILL , milling , MILLS , millwork , Mississippi , mobile , nashville , Neoprene , new , nip , nitrile , Numerically , Or , out , paint , Paper , Pinch , PLASTIC , Precision , Print , Printers , probe , PROBES , Prototype , rechrome , Reconditioning , recover , recovering , refurbish , refurbished , regrind , Reground , repair , REPAIRERS , REPAIRS , rol , roler , Roll , Roller , Rollers , rolll , rolller , rolls , Rolls , rubbber , rubber , run , runout , SERVICES , shaft , Shank , SHOP , Short , sleeve , southern , spreader , squeegee , Stainless , static , steel , stridhs , strids , Tennessee , TESTERS , testing , Textile , , THREADING TITANIUM , To , tolerances , Turning , Urethane , WEIGHT , Welding , Wheel , Wire , work , wringer ,

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Home Security Systems and Wireless Alarms


Numerous security system and monitoring options are available that serve to enhance your basic wireless security system and services. These options can include medical alerts for the ill or elderly, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alerts and even critical condition monitoring that can alert you to both temperature and flood conditions.

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Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd

Tavernier  Florida

carbon dioxide consultants, cryogenic gas consultant, chemical, energy

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Dow Chemical Co.

Midland  MI

The Dow Chemical Company engages in the manufacture and sale of chemicals, plastic materials, agricultural, andother specialized products and services. It operates in six segments: Performance Plastics, Performance Chemicals, Agricultural Sciences, Plastics, Chemicals and Hydrocarbons and Energy. The Performance Plastics segment offers building and construction products, automotive products, engineering plastics and compounds,epoxy products and intermediates, polyurethanes and thermoset systems, wire and cable products and technology licensing and catalyst products. The Performance Chemicals segment offers acrylics and oxide derivatives, latex and specialty chemicals and polymers. The Agricultural Sciences segment provides pest management, agricultural and crop biotechnology products and solutions. The Plastics segment offers polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, rubber, plastomers and elastomers. The Chemicals segment provides chemicals, such as acids, alcohols, caustic soda, chlorine and other chemicals and ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol chemicals. The Hydrocarbons and Energy segment activities include procurement of fuels,natural gas liquids and crude oil-based raw materials as well as the supply of monomers, power and steam. Its products include benzene, butadiene, ethylene, propylene, styrene, power, steam and other utilities. The company also engages in the property and casualty insurance and reinsurance business through its Liana Limited subsidiaries. It serves various industries, including automotive, agricultural, building and construction, chemical processing, food, health and medicine, oil and gas, paints, coatings and adhesives, personal and homecare, pharmaceutical, processed foods,pulp and paper, textile, transportation, utilities and other industries. Thecompany products are sold through its sales force and distributors in the United States and Europe.

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Guard Pro Protection Systems


A single ADT home security system, connected to an ADT Customer Monitoring Center, helps protect your home and family from burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies and more….24 hours a day

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Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry

Bend  Oregon

DIAGNODent laser, Nu Smile® Pediatric Crowns, SonicFill, Nitrous Oxide, oral con

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Jackson   Washington

Exact compliance with Teflon coating, Chrome Oxide, Tungsten Carbide and Compone

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