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Enviro-Tech Powder Coating Ltd


Established in 1999, Enviro-Tech Powder Coating has since provided industrial and custom high specification powder coating services for not only industrial operations and architectural companies, but as well as government agencies in Manitoba and beyond. Using our powder coat metal finishing, we are able to offer a superior finish with excellent durability designed to extend the life of automotive, architectural, commercial, and specialty metal products. Contact us today to chose your finishing color!

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All American Seasonings

Denver  Colorado

All American Seasonings has been a leader in the food industry since 1968, offer

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A-1 Maintenance Services

Miami  Florida

Professional painting contractor. Residential, commercial and industrial jobs.

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Alltrans Training Services


Alltrans aims to provide professional Workcover and Heavy Vehicle Training to the Transport Industry and Corporate sector, our reputation is about consistent, hands on training based on what the industries require.

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Chyron Corp.

Melville  NY

Chyron Corporation supplies character generator and graphics hardware and software to the television industry worldwide. The company develops, manufactures, markets, and supports hardware and software products for live and prerecorded video, audio, and ot

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Midtown Import Auto Parts


We have been in the auto recycling business specializing in Japanese imports since 1997 and over 3 decades in the automotive industry. We are centrally located in Edmonton. Our 2 acres lot has over 400 vehicles. We have a huge inventory of body, mechanical & electrical parts from bumper to bumper "on the shelf".

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Mike Blake Custom Homes


At Mike Blake Custom Homes, we maintain active relationships with industry experts, ranging from trending ideas and concepts to maintaining the most current knowledge on energy efficiency construction. Mike Blake Custom Homes assigns one of our expert construction managers to your project as a means of keeping you updated and informed throughout all stages of building.

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Bug Zappers Pest & Weed Control

Moore  Oklahoma

Pest Control Service, Pest Control, Pest Control Services Commercial & Industria

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Millennium Industrial Corporation

Export  Pennsylvania

Industrial Welding Supply, Welding Electrodes, Commercial Welding Supply

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Miller Calibration


Miller Engineering in Dayton, OH has been providing quality engineering services, and consultancy, since 1998. We use state-of-the-art instruments and tools to ensure quality calibration services. At Miller engineering we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure all industry standards are successfully met.

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Imran khan Financial

Columbia  Maryland

Being a leader in the insurance and financial services industry means continuall

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Minneapolis Commercial Painting

Minneapolis  Minnesota

Commercial Block Coatings, Industrial Stucco Coatings, Commercial Interior Paint

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JTek Resources LC.

Oklahoma City  Oklahoma

JTek Resources LC is an industry leading SEO Company with a team.

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Kruge-Air Inc


Kruge-Air is a commercial & industrial air compressor distributor. We sell and service rotary screw air compressors. We serve the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and the entire state of Minnesota.

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Mobile Dog Groomers Long Island


We are a local owner-operated service and have been in the pet service industry for many years! Our groomers are well seasoned and can work with all types of dogs, we are proud to service most of Nassau & Suffolk counties, please give us a call today for 631-302-7475. Brushing, Bathing, Haircut & Styling, Nail Clipping & Filing, Deshedding Treatment, Flea - ticks & Hotspot Treatment

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Mobile Box

Leesville  Louisiana

On-site storage, Construction storage, industrial storage, military storage, Con

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Morpac Paving Ltd


Morpac Paving Ltd. is fully equipped to handle any size commercial, industrial or residential asphalt or concrete job, from crack filling and line striping to repairs or replacement of driveways, parking lots, garage floors and walkways. Ready to begin your commercial or residential paving project in Toronto? Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

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Jasco Trading Inc.

Lake Bluff  Illinois

Jasco Trading Inc. offer some of the finest quality stock lots/over-productions from reputed mills at great prices. Jasco trading is a leading home textiles supplier that understands and caters the needs of hotel, hospital, long term care facility, and university or health club industries. Jasco trading focuses on finding the lowest possible cost for our customers. We have strong relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the industry and look to them when trying to get the best value for you. We offer home textiles (Prime and Stock lot) as under: BED SHEETS: In Twin/Single, Full/Double, Queen and King sizes made up of woven, Saten and other fabrics. COMFORTERS: In Twin/Single, Full, Queen and King sizes Filled with 170 grams/ (or more as per customers need) of Poly fill TOWELS: Offers based on weight requirement in three basic types i.e Open end, Ring spun and Auto Coro yarns. Sizes 12x12’ up to 40x60’ (* We offer above mentioned grades directly ex-mills) We also offer Yarn and Fabric in Cotton, Cotton Slub, Dyed, Core spun, Modal, Coolmax, Thermolite, Poly, Nylon, Cordura, Flame Retatdent, T400 Denim, T400 woven and other grades. Our suppliers and mills are some of the most reputed names in Textile industry and have been supplying all kinds of grades to European, Pacific Rim and U.S markets. To view the wide range of available grades that we can offer at competitive prices, email us at

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Ansoft Corp.

Pittsburgh  PA

Ansoft Corporation develops electronic design automation (EDA) software used primarily in technology industry. Its products are used to define the architecture of device, create specifications for functional blocks, design the circuits and components, eva

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Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp.

Freehold  NJ

Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corporation operates as a real estate investment trust (REIT). It owns net leased industrial properties and leases to investment-grade tenants on long-term leases. The company also holds a portfolio of REIT securities. As o

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Audiology Consultants, P.C.


Our staff of highly trained audiologists provides a complete scope of audiology and hearing conservation services. The practice is dedicated to providing the very best and most comprehensive preventive, diagnostic, and rehabilitative hearing health care possible. We specialize in Diagnostic Evaluations, Hearing Aid Selection & Fitting, Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance, Custom Hearing Protection and Accessories, Hearing Conservation Services for Industry, and Assistive Listening Devices.

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Mr quick fix it

Manalapan  New Jersey

Auto Repair Sales & Service, Towing + Tires & Auto Glass, Automotive Industry

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Waste Services of Central Florida


WASTE SERVICES, a multi-regional, integrated solid waste services company, providing collection, transfer, landfill disposal and recycling services for commercial, industrial and residential customers in the United States and Canada.

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Muscle Info Zone

Burbank  California

Muscle Info Zone is the latest authority in the bodybuilding industry.

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Mustang Moving

Round Rock  Texas

Movers, moving, commercial, industrial, office, home, apartment, local, long dis

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Anytime Plumbing & Drain


Anytime Plumbing & Drain was founded in 2004 and takes pride in being a part of the best team in the industry. With 10 years of industry experience, the owner, Justin Milligan, is able to provide relevant, timely and professional business as well as strategic knowledge to our customers and jobs.

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Pacific Combustion Engineering Company

Torrance  California

Contact us: 8003424442; Torrance; CA; 90501 We sell labratory and industrial pro

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My Investment Services


Our goal is to provide truly exceptional offerings and service, and we won’t be happy until you are. If any programs, products or services of My Investment Services do not fulfill our promise, we will make the situation right or refund your money. My Investment Services is made possible by the dedication and service of each employee and each member. We recognize and appreciate how important our employees and members are to our society. We all have stories of public servants, volunteers and unsung heroes in many industries who have had a tremendous impact on our lives. I feel strongly that by sharing what we know, we can show our appreciation and help to promote the continued growth and development of ourselves and our clients. Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

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9FsNWkew3  New Mexico

Usually it takes several posts berfoe "Vange" contradicts himself. This has to be some kind of record. It seems that the smaller producers exist only to sell themselves off to those morons running the larger companies. Apparently the dufuses running the big companies are at once fooled by phony reserves and "unjustified assumptions", and "skeptical of all the hype". You don't read well or have not followed the argument over the various threads on the subject. It is very possible that a few small companies can make huge profits from shale oil or shale gas. If they are in the right spot of the formation they can drill wells that have great economics. But the problem is that the industry can't make a profit or generate positive cash flows. We have already seen the contradictions from Chesapeake as it began to hype shale gas but is now claiming to want to transition to shale liquids instead because it can't make money in gas. We have already seen AM admit that the claims that the shale formations were relatively uniform and productive are not true. And we have already seen the companies admit that they need $7.50 gas to have a hope of making a profit and that with sub $4.00 gas they are bleeding cash. That's right, and the reality is that companies with decades of profitable experience in the energy field are investing money hand over fist in shale oil and gas exploration and production. This is not exactly true. There is no profit in shale gas and oil for the industry. The profit comes from the ability of majors to hide their reserve declines thanks to SEC rules. This is why the big players who have plenty of production in conventional areas will continue to buy some of the shale developers and will quietly write down the losses over the next few quarters. If shale gas were profitable Chesapeake would not be telling investors on conference calls that it is trying to become a shale liquids play.

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Cliffside Park NJ Locksmith

Cliffside Park  New Jersey

There are many locksmith companies working in the industry. La presa locksmith i

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Nationwide Construction

Mansfield  Texas

commercial construction, industrial construction, retail construction

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Lamson Institute

San Antonio  Texas

Lamson Institute provides students with a comprehensive and current career education. With our modern facilities, instructional materials, and industry experienced instructors, the school provides a friendly, supportive learning environment in which Students Come First.

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Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd.

Faridabad  Select your State

Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. has been a recognize name in Rotogravure Printing Industry as a professional digital cylinders and Embossing Rollers manufacturer. Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. owned by Shanxi Yuncheng Plate Making Group, China. Yuncheng Plate Making Group is one of the largest professional gravure cylinder supplier with over 420 Helioklischographs (Hell, Datwyler, Ohio) and over 70 branches in 14 countries. It has over 23 years history, highly skilled employees, competitive price, highest quality and best service. Yuncheng Plate Making Group branches includes domestic & overseas market, such as Mexico Yuncheng, Bangkok Yuncheng, Karachi Yuncheng, Turky Yuncheng Vietnam Yuncheng, Egypt Yuncheng, Indonesia Yuncheng, India Yuncheng, Poland Yuncheng, American Yuncheng, etc. Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. carry a range of Rotogravure Electronic Printing Cylinders / Rollers to suit every printing task great or small. Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. includes industry renowned Gravostar Engraving Machines setup from leading Engraving Machine manufacturer MDC Daetwyler (Switzerland). Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. supply a range of Quality Electronic Rotogravure Printing Cylinders for flexible laminates (Packaging), security printing, cigarettes, food & beverage packaging, pharmaceutical & chemical packaging, tobacco packaging, Decoration, Textile etc. We are also able to deliver embossing rollers which widely used in imitation leather, aluminum foil, wall-paper, paper Band, tobacco, Dinner paper, nonwoven-fabric, etc. We are offering the following services: - reproduction, colour separation and proof prints - galvanic processing of cylinders (nickel, copper, chrome) - preparing cylinder surface for engraving (pre-finishing and post-finishing) - electromechanical engraving (diamond graver) - regeneration of chrome coating - preparing steel bases according to delivered technical design High quality, professional service and short delivery times are among our chief assets.

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New Century Homes Real Estate

La Puente  California

Payroll Services in La Puente, Payroll Services in Industry,

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NewGen Advisory

Anaheim Hills  California

NewGen Advisory provides its clients with premier access to a network of industr

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sQADEKmoj  Texas

I think I'll take my chances with the pnrfessiooals.Actually, many of the pnrfessiooals are skeptical of all of the hype. They know that if you can't make a profit because the energy returns on the energy invested is negative there isn't much to get excited about. It seems to me that you are only paying attention to the hype that the industry is pushing without looking at the actual numbers. So let us do that.The past five year 10-K filings with the SEC show that the marginal cost of production is around $7.50. That means that a shale producer can't make money at anywhere near the current prices. Technically recoverable resources are not the same as reserves. To have reserves you have to be able to extract the gas at a cost that is less than the market price.Shale formations are not homogeneous. As Aubrey McClendon told Bloomberg, 'There was a time you all were told that any of the 17 counties in the Barnett Shale play would be just as good as any other county. We found out there are about two or two and a half counties where you really want to be.' There is your 'expert' admitting that much of what he has told investors over the past decade was not accurate.Reports of profits at $5.50 gas require that one does not count expenses like interest, overheads, plug and abandonment costs, dry well write-down costs, etc. The SEC revisions have allowed shale gas operators to overstate their proved undeveloped reserves but the pursuit of low value reserves have caused the total value of proved undeveloped reserves to go down. Per well estimates are too high. Chesapeake was estimating an EUR 6.5 bcf per Haynesville Shale area well. Its production data showed that a realistic number was 2.4 to 2.5 bcf. Given the costs of production and development that meant that Chesapeake was destroying shareholder capital for each well it drilled. The Barnett Shale data shows the same problem. And to justify the Marcellus Shale operations one needs to include the natural gas liquids, which have to be separated from the gas. The problem is a lack of capacity to do this in the near future. Wells have to be postponed or shut in and once again shareholder equity is destroyed. Sorry but if you look at the numbers there is no case for the shale gas and oil boom. Citing hype and opinions of those who get paid a lot of money to participate in the hype does not change the reality.

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NH Electric Motors Inc

Laconia  New Hampshire

Electrical Equipment Repair, Industrial Equipment Repair, Submersible Pumps

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National Health Investors Inc.

Murfreesboro  TN

National Health Investors, Inc., a real estate investment trust, primarily invests in health care properties in the long-term care industry in the United States. As of December 31, 2005, the trust invested in 158 health care facilities located in 18 state

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MGIC Investment Corp.

Milwaukee  WI

MGIC Investment Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides private mortgage insurance products and services to the home mortgage lending industry and government sponsored entities in the United States. Its private mortgage insurance covers residentia

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Boxes 4 U


Boxes 4 U is a family owned business started in 1991. We offer a full line of moving, shipping and industrial supplies. You can purchase anything from one box to a truckload of boxes and anywhere in between.

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Corsetti Structural Steel Inc


Corsetti Structural Steel is a fabricator and erector of conventional structural and miscellaneous steel for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

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H M Pitt Labs Inc


H.M. Pitt Labs specializes in Mold Testing, Asbestos Testing, and Lead Testing in San Diego CA. We also offer top-quality services for industrial hygiene, environmental sampling, and more. Call today!

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Global Prevention Services

Portland  Oregon

Dry ice blasting, industrial cleaning, mold remediation,water damage restoration

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Isun Mould Industrial Co., Ltd,

shen zhen  Select your State

ISUN mould was founded in 1998, specialized in one-stop service for mould design, mould making and part manufacturing for parts like Automobile interior features, office appliances, gears, and precision parts, etc. We are equipped with advanced facilities for mould making and injection molding. ISUN is covered with15000 square meters with 300 plus employees, and 120 out of them are working for the engineering team. The quality is the life of an enterprise. With the guideline of excellent quality, keeping the promises, persistent improvement, customer’s satisfaction and mutual development, ISUN was awarded with the certificate of ISO90001 and ISO14000, UL, and also the certificate of TS16949, which is a powerful guarantee for the quality of our products for the automobile industry. We have over 10 years experience in exporting our molds to those markets like North America, Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, and Mid-East etc.

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Isun Mould Industrial Co ., Ltd

Shenzhen  California

Isun Mould Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the leading plastic injection moulds manufacturer in Shenzhen China,can offer you top quality injection moulds and plastic parts

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Northern Metalic Sales


Northern Metalics offers industrial equipment & supplies, including adhesives, power tools, shop supplies, & industrial tools in Dawson Creek.

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N S Pawliuk & Son Contracting Ltd


We provide services in the water and sewer infrastructure industry. N.S. Pawliuk & Son Contracting provides hot tap, valve insertion, and line stop service to contractors, and municipalities. We also offer fire hydrant maintenance and repair. Call us today for more information.

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Nashville TN Garage Doors

Nashville  Tennessee

Garage Doors, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Gating Systems and Garage

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Omni Apparel, Inc.

Carrollton  Georgia

food industry apparel,

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Fort Moving


Fort Moving is a growing moving company owned by James Hagan with many years of experience in the moving industry. We at Fort Moving offer you professional, courteous service at competitive rates. Our trucks are fully outfitted with new moving equipment ready to handle any job. Call us today!

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