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LETTER OF INTRODUCTION :: THE COMPANY:: M/s Stantec HVAC consultants is Ahmedabad based HVAC Consultancy & MEP consultancy firm. With the experience of more than 24 years We at Stantec HVAC Consultants bind to give Smart optimum solutions to our clientele. We specialize in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning of buildings and engineering works including office buildings, shopping centers, banks, hotels, residences, computer rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals and clinics, educational facilities, nuclear power stations, factories and warehouses, Electrical Panel Room. :: THE PEOPLE:: M/s. Stantec HVAC consultants is Founded by Mr. Tejas Shah i, who is an experienced Mechanical Engineer with PDRA. Mr. Shah has acquired extensive experience in India. He is associated with Air Conditioning & Refrigeration field for over 24 years. Mr. Shah is well versed with various statutory requirements of Government agencies, Indian Standards.FDA Smacna, electrical, BMS, etc. M/s. Stantec HVAC consultant is staffed with well experienced Consultant, Draftsmen, Auto-Cad operators and supporting administrative staff. Industry Topics The cost of consulting engineering services: is it worth it? With consulting engineering cost (for a full normal service) adding typically 8% to a project cost, the question may well be asked if such additional cost can be justified. The following options are normally available if no consulting engineer is to be appointed: Perform the engineering services through own (in-house) resources. Omit the consulting engineering services (with no in-house capability) and approach the contracting/supplier industry directly for turnkey proposals, which includes design, supply, installation and commissioning. In the case of the first option (using in-house resources), the cost of establishing and maintaining in-house engineering capabilities should be justified by the long term utilization of such capabilities and should be lower than the cost of appointing consulting engineers on a project basis. If such in-house capability does not fall within the scope of the organisations core business, it may be difficult to recruit or keep adequate personnel since experience has proven that the best engineers would rather work for an organisation with a core business consistent to their expertise. The hidden cost (including company overheads etc.) of maintaining an in-house capability should also be taken into account. Many organisations are now rather out-sourcing expertise that does not fall into their core business. The second option (direct industry approach) may look economical on the face of it, but poses several disadvantages that have frequently resulted in far higher cost than the additional cost for a consulting engineering service. These disadvantages include typically: Being commercially independent from any contractor or supplier, the consulting engineer is in an ideal position to evaluate alternative system concepts during the design stages of a project. These investigations may save the client multiples of the consultant's cost in capital and running cost of plant. The contractor's design cost is built into the tender prices and would be the same or more than the design fees of a consultant. The contractor will also build into the tender price the cost of design liability insurance to cover design mistakes or poor design. Because these costs are normally hidden, the contracting organisation has no way of knowing what the design cost is. On the other hand, a consulting engineer's design fees are clearly stipulated and agreed and can be compared to internationally accepted norms. When only one contractor/supplier is approached, there is usually no way of evaluating the competitiveness of his price, unless the scope is standardized, or can be compared to similar scope of works recently procured. Consulting engineers normally are able to negotiate a competitive price from a single contractor/supplier by using schedules of quantities and applying known industry rates. When more than one contractor/supplier is approached it is frequently very difficult to compare the technical quality and scope of tender offers and the lowest price may well be based on inferior scope and quality compared to other tender offers. Also, without in-house capability the contracting organisation will find it difficult to evaluate the quality of works/equipment offered. Consulting engineers provide technical specifications and all tenders are based on the same scope and quality of works. Some contractors/suppliers offer only part of the scope (with resultant reduced price) and then offer the remaining scope during the contract at a high rate or price. Consulting engineers represent the contracting organisation (client) during the construction stage of a project and verify on the client's behalf whether the installation complies with specified requirements. The consultancy firm provides a Range of Consultancy services in the field of Evaluation of existing HVAC and ventilation systems including: Compliance to accepted ventilation practices and legislative regulations Evaluation of equipment condition System effectiveness and suitability Energy audits Evaluation of existing maintenance service contracts adequacy Technical audits of existing maintenance service contractors Calculation of building thermal loads including: Calculation of cooling and heating loads for identified thermal zones Recommended division of building into thermal zones Tender support including: Assistance with preparation of tender enquiry documents Evaluation of tender offers and submission of a recommendation report Construction stage support including: Factory inspections of HVAC equipment Site inspections of HVAC equipment Supply of partial HVAC consulting services (design only) including: Preliminary design of HVAC systems including building thermal load calculations, selection of system concepts and establishment of building and electrical interfaces Design of HVAC systems up to preparation of technical specifications, tender documents, and evaluation of tender proposals (design and tender stage) Supply of full HVAC consulting services including: Report stage Preliminary design stage Design and tender stage Administration and coordination of the HVAC works during the construction stage Maintenance support services including: Evaluation of existing maintenance service contracts adequacy Technical audits of existing maintenance service contractors Preparation of new maintenance contracts and tender documentation STANTEC HVAC CONSULTANT 103 Aagam Complex Nr. Vasna tel. Exchange Vasna Ahmedabad 380 007 India Tel Fax: - 91 79 26631673 e-mail :- Mobile :- 9825024651

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Yash Pharma Machineries

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Yash Pharma Machineries Mfg. & Exporter of Pharmaceuticals Machineries, Fluid Bed Dryers, Liquid Filling Machines, Ovens Domestic, Ovens Industrial, Pressure Vessels, Screw Conveyors, Tray Dryers, Reactors, Blenders, Cream Manufacturing Plants, Ointment Manufacturing Plants, Multi Mills, Octagonal Blenders, Coating Pans, Rapid Mixer Granulators, Double Cone Blenders, Colloid Mills, Drum Mixers, Starch Paste Kettle, Vibro Shifter, Sifter, Storage Tanks, Sparkler Filter Press, Mass Mixers etc.

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