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CryoLife Inc.

Kennesaw  GA

CryoLife, Inc. engages in the development and commercialization of implantable medical devices. Its implantable devices include BioGlue surgical adhesive, porcine heart valves, and grafts of bovine tissue. The company? product BioGlue, a polymer based on

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EI DuPont de Nemours & Co.

Wilmington  DE

E.I. duPont deNemours and Company (DuPont) operates as a science and technology company. It engages in various fields, including biotechnology, electronics, materials science, safety and security, and synthetic fibers. The company operates in six segments: Agriculture and Nutrition, Coatings and Color Technologies, Electronic and Communication Technologies, Performance Materials, Safety and Protection and Pharmaceuticals. The Agriculture and Nutrition segment offers hybrid seed corn and soybean seed, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, value enhanced grains and soyprotein. The oatings and Color Technologies segment provides automotive finishes, industrial coatings and white pigments. The Electronic and Communication Technologies segment offers fluorochemicals, fluoropolymers, photopolymers and electronic materials.The Performance Materials segment provides engineering polymers, packaging and industrial polymers, films and elastomers. The Safety and Protection segment provides specialty and industrial chemicals, nonwovens, aramids and solid surfaces. The Pharmaceuticals segment includes the company's interest in two antihypertensive drugs, the Cozaar and Hyzaar. The company includes nonaligned and developmental businesses, such as bio-based materials. It serves various markets, including transportation, safety and protection, construction, motor vehicle, agricultural, home furnishings, medical, electronics, communications, protective apparel and the nutrition and health markets. The company has operations in the UnitedStates, Europe, AsiaPacific, Canada, and Latin America. Du Pont was founded in 1802 and is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.

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FMC Corp.

Philadelphia  PA

FMC Corporation, a chemical company, provides various solutions, applications and products to various end markets worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Agricultural Products, Specialty Chemicals and Industrial Chemicals. The Agricultural Products segment develops, manufactures and sells a portfolio of crop protection, structural pest control and turf and ornamental products. It produces insecticides to protect row crops, cotton, maize, soybeans, rice, sugarcane, cereals, fruits and vegetables from insects and for non agricultural applications, such as pest control for home, garden and other specialty markets. This segment also produces herbicides to protect row crops, rice, sugarcane, cotton, cereals, vegetables, turf and road sides from weed growth. The Specialty Chemicals segment produces micro crystalline cellulose, which is used as a drug tablet binder and disintegrant and food ingredient; Carrageenan that is used as a food ingredient for thick ening and stabilizing; alginates, which are used as food ingredients and pharmaceutical excipient, as well as for wound care and industrial uses; and lithium for use in pharmaceuticals, batteries, polymers, greases and lubricants, air conditioning and other industrial uses. The Industrial Chemicals segment produces soda ash for glass, chemicals and detergents; peroxygens for pulp and paper, chemical processing, detergents, disinfectants (antimicrobial), environmental, electronics and polymers and phosphorus chemicals for detergents, cleaning compounds and animal feed. FMC Corporation was founded in 1883 by John Bean and is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Advanced Battery Technologies Inc.

Flushing  NY

Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc., through its indirect subsidiary, Heilongjiang ZhongQiang Power-Tech Co., Ltd., engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of rechargeable polymer lithium-ion (PLI) batteries in China. Its products include rechar

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Access Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Dallas  TX

Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc. engages in the development of polymer linked cytotoxics for use in the treatment of cancer and other diseases states utilizing proprietary delivery technologies. The company? lead product AP5346, which is in phase II clinical

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Centaur Fencing

Oswego  Illinois

Centaur Fencing, horse fencing, high tensile polymer, Cenflex, White Lightning

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AP Pharma Inc.

Redwood City  CA

A.P. Pharma, Inc. develops pharmaceutical products utilizing its proprietary polymer-based drug delivery systems. It develops and commercializes bioerodible injectable and implantable systems under the trade name, Biochronomer. The company? products inclu

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Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

Allentown  PA

Air Products and Chemicals,Inc. operates in the industrial gas and related industrial process equipment business worldwide.The company operates through three segments: Gases, Chemicals and Equipment.The Gases segment recovers and distributes industrial gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbonmonoxide, carbondioxide, synthesisgas, andhelium as well as medical and special types of gases, which include fluorine products, rare gases, and other common gases. This segment also engages in the company'electronics business, global healthcare, power generation and flue gas treatment businesses.The Chemicals segment produces and markets performance materials that comprise performance polymers, performance solutions,and performance products; and chemical intermediates that consist of amines and polyurethane intermediates.The Equipment segment manufactures equipment for cryogenic air separation, gas processing, natural gas liquifaction and hydrogen purification equipment. It also designs and builds systemsfor recovering hydrogen, nitrogen, carbonmonoxide, carbondioxide and low dew point gases using membrane technology aswell as cryogenic transportation containers for liquid helium and hydrogen. Further, this segment offers plant design, engineering, procurement and construction management services.Air Products and Chemicals serves chemical processing, electronics, refining, food processing, medical gases, furniture cushioning, insulation, carpetunderlay, bedding and automobile seating industries.

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American Soil Technologies Inc.

Pasadena  CA

American Soil Technologies, Inc. primarily engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of polymer soil amendments to the agricultural, turf, and horticulture industries in North America. It manufactures three primary products: Agriblend, a soil

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Irvine  California

iPolymer manufactures high-purity plastic fluid handling products for semiconduc

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AIN Plastics, Inc.

Mt. Vernon  New York

SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: ABS, SHEET ONLY MATERIALS: ABS/PVC Alloy, SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: Acetal SHEET ONLY MATERIALS: Acrylic/PVC Alloy SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: Acrylics FILM ONLY MATERIALS: Cellulose Acetate SHEET ONLY MATERIALS: Cellulose Acetate Butyrate ROD/TUBE MATERIALS: Epoxy--Resins SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: Fluoropolymers MATERIALS: HDPE SHEET ONLY MATERIALS: Ionomers MATERIALS: LDPE SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: Nylon--Type 6 Nylon--Type 66 PPE/PS Alloys FIML AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: PVC Flexible Compounds SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: PVC--Rigid Compounds Phenolic Polyamide-Imide MATERIALS: Polycarbonate FIML AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: Polyester Thermoplastic) PET Type SHEET ONLY MATERIALS: Polyester (Thermoplastic) PETG Type SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: Polyethersulfone ROD/TUBE MATERIALS: Polyimide (Thermosetting) Resins and CompoundsMATERIALS: Polypropylene (including Copolymers) SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: Polystyrene Polysulfone DISTRIBUTOR OF: Stock Shapes Film Stock Shapes Rod, Tube Stock Shapes Sheet ROD/TUBE MATERIALS: Thermoplastic Elastomers Olefinic Type Thermoplastic Elastomers Urethane Type SHEET AND ROD/TUBE ONLY MATERIALS: UHMW PE

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Belgrade  Montana

Floor Underlayments, Floor Installation , Floor Coating, Polymer Flooring

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Dow Chemical Co.

Midland  MI

The Dow Chemical Company engages in the manufacture and sale of chemicals, plastic materials, agricultural, andother specialized products and services. It operates in six segments: Performance Plastics, Performance Chemicals, Agricultural Sciences, Plastics, Chemicals and Hydrocarbons and Energy. The Performance Plastics segment offers building and construction products, automotive products, engineering plastics and compounds,epoxy products and intermediates, polyurethanes and thermoset systems, wire and cable products and technology licensing and catalyst products. The Performance Chemicals segment offers acrylics and oxide derivatives, latex and specialty chemicals and polymers. The Agricultural Sciences segment provides pest management, agricultural and crop biotechnology products and solutions. The Plastics segment offers polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, rubber, plastomers and elastomers. The Chemicals segment provides chemicals, such as acids, alcohols, caustic soda, chlorine and other chemicals and ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol chemicals. The Hydrocarbons and Energy segment activities include procurement of fuels,natural gas liquids and crude oil-based raw materials as well as the supply of monomers, power and steam. Its products include benzene, butadiene, ethylene, propylene, styrene, power, steam and other utilities. The company also engages in the property and casualty insurance and reinsurance business through its Liana Limited subsidiaries. It serves various industries, including automotive, agricultural, building and construction, chemical processing, food, health and medicine, oil and gas, paints, coatings and adhesives, personal and homecare, pharmaceutical, processed foods,pulp and paper, textile, transportation, utilities and other industries. Thecompany products are sold through its sales force and distributors in the United States and Europe.

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Celanese Corp.

Dallas  TX


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Eastman Chemical Co.

Kingsport  TN

Eastman Chemical Company engages in the manufacture and sale of chemicals, plastics and fibers. It operates through sixsegments: Coatings, Adhesives, Specialty Polymers and Inks(CASPI); Performance Chemicals and Intermediates(PCI); Specialty Plastics(SP); Polymers; Fibers and Developing Businesses(DB). The CASPI segment manufactures raw materials, additives and specialty polymers such as liquid vehicles, coatings additives, cellulosic polymers, ester alcohol, chlorinated polyolefins and hydrocarbon resins and rosins and rosinesters. The PCI segment produces chemicals for agricultural intermediates, fibers, food and beverage ingredients, photographic chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and polymer compounding and chemical manufacturing intermediates. The SP segmen to ffers engineering and specialty polymers, specialty film and sheet products and packaging film and fiber products, which are used in appliances, store fixtures and displays, building and construction, electronic and medical packaging, personal care and cosmetics, performance films, tape and labels, photographic and optical film and graphic arts. The Polymers segment supplies polyethylene terephthalate polymers used in beverage and foodpackaging and other applications such as carbonated soft drinks, water, beer and personal care items and food containers. It also manufactures polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene, which are used in extrusion coating, film and molding pplications.The Fibers segment offers Estron acetatetow and Estrobond triacet in plasticizers, which are used in cigarette filters

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