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FMC Corporation, a chemical company, provides various solutions, applications and products to various end markets worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Agricultural Products, Specialty Chemicals and Industrial Chemicals. The Agricultural Products segment develops, manufactures and sells a portfolio of crop protection, structural pest control and turf and ornamental products. It produces insecticides to protect row crops, cotton, maize, soybeans, rice, sugarcane, cereals, fruits and vegetables from insects and for non agricultural applications, such as pest control for home, garden and other specialty markets. This segment also produces herbicides to protect row crops, rice, sugarcane, cotton, cereals, vegetables, turf and road sides from weed growth. The Specialty Chemicals segment produces micro crystalline cellulose, which is used as a drug tablet binder and disintegrant and food ingredient; Carrageenan that is used as a food ingredient for thick ening and stabilizing; alginates, which are used as food ingredients and pharmaceutical excipient, as well as for wound care and industrial uses; and lithium for use in pharmaceuticals, batteries, polymers, greases and lubricants, air conditioning and other industrial uses. The Industrial Chemicals segment produces soda ash for glass, chemicals and detergents; peroxygens for pulp and paper, chemical processing, detergents, disinfectants (antimicrobial), environmental, electronics and polymers and phosphorus chemicals for detergents, cleaning compounds and animal feed. FMC Corporation was founded in 1883 by John Bean and is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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