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Baker & Baker

Eden Prairie  Minnesota


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LmydySCPv  Florida

"But it was. Tens of millions of iigednnous people lived here and they absolutely used the land. Not every part of it but much of it that is today owned by Capitalists. So this same question turns right back on you. You can't justify the initial acquisition of the land. That was pure thievery and murder."But how did the iigednnous people acquire use of the land? at some time it was unowned, unused, and unoccupied. Indigenous people came on it, adapted it for their use, and became the original owners.That wasn't so hard, was it? There WERE original owners.You can try to trace the long history of ownership changes over the millennia if you like, some through abandonment and reclamation, some through purchase, some through thievery and murder, but I doubt you will be successful. It's not likely that anyone can ever determine the rightful owner of any given piece of land.But, it's important for you to realize that the theft of other people's land in the Americas didn't start with the white man.You can also just stick to the simple,lame but incomplete narrative you seem to prefer, that the evil capitalists stole it from the noble savages.I see that some education in history might also help you understand the world around you."You can't justify the initial acquisition of the land.I just did, Jon. Pay attention. But the land isn't what we're concerned with here, but the building, the machines, the tools needed to produce things for people to use.Remember the question?Me: "Where does the means of production come from?"That came from savings, or borrowing what others have saved, or if you prefer, from borrowing money that was just created out of thin air, thereby diluting the value of all existing money."He may have deferred consumption, but this may be his preference. Should we reward someone for indulging their preferences?"Of course that is his preference, or he wouldn't do it. He prefers two cookies in the future to one cookie now. "We" are not rewarding anybody, as "we" have nbothing to do with it."Suppose I'm Mitt Romney and I'm worth hundreds of millions of dollars."Stop there. If you are "worth" hundreds of millions, that's because you have already deferred a great deal of consumption. Why is it you start your stories in the middle, when everything has already happened? "I have two choices."Uou probably have way more than two choices."I could spend all my money in the span of a month or two and have nothing left. Or I could [continue to] defer consumption and have food to eat 10 years from now. Which is my preference? You act like it's some sort of big sacrifice he's made in that he's willing to not buy 20 homes and several private jets today. How is it a sacrifice when he'd prefer not to blow through his money immediately. Why should he be rewarded for doing precisely what he would prefer?"You have some of the oddest attitudes about this I have ever encountered.As I wrote, "we" are not rewarding anybody, and I am not "acting like" anything. No one has sacraficed anything, and no one has suggested it. Where do you get such nonsense?Romney has earned the money he is worth, by providing value to others, and they have willingly given him thew money, Only government can take money by force.When Romney spends that money, he creats jobs for others who exchange their labor to make the things he buys.It IS a preference, but I can tell you, if the future consumption isn't greater than current consumption, then there won't be much deferred consumption.

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AE Brothers NY

Ridgewood  New York

A&E Brothers LTD Construction is based in New York City.

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ACE Cash Express Inc.

Irving  TX

ACE Cash Express, Inc. provides retail financial services in the United States. It offers check cashing, short-term consumer loans, bill payment, money transfer, money order, and other retail financial services. It also provides photocopying, fax transmis

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Rite Aid Corp.

Camp Hill  PA

Rite Aid Corporation, through its subsidiaries, operates a chain of retail drugstores in the United States, which primarily provide pharmacy services. The company sells prescription drugs and other merchandise called as front-end products. It offers appro

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Ambient Corp.

Newton  MA

Ambient Corporation engages in the design, development, commercialization, and marketing of broadband over power lines (BPL) equipment, technologies, and services. Its BPL technology enables electric utilities and other owners of electrical distribution s

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Appalachian Chiropractic Wellness Center


Appalachian Chiropractic Wellness Center in Bristol, VW specializes in treating a variety of conditions including; back pain, neck pain, and several other chronic painful conditions.

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LeRoux Froebel Bilingual School


Expand your childís learning and language opportunities in fun and exciting ways! LeRoux Froebel Bilingual School is a play-oriented educational environment, helping children develop essential life skills, including self-esteem and respect for others. Call for more information 416-698-1923

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Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc.

San Antonio  TX

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. provides outdoor advertising services worldwide. It provides clients with advertising opportunities through billboards, street furniture displays, transit displays, and other out-of-home advertising displays that it ow

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Vena Health and Wellness

Sewickley  Pennsylvania

Venous Ultrasonography,Sclerotherapy,Microphlebectomy,Endovenous Laser Ablation

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Advanced tech solutions

Hillsboro  Oregon

Browse the Online Marketing directory and other businesses and services listed i

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AED One-Stop Shop, LLC


AED One-Stop Shop utilizes extensive industry knowledge to intelligently assess your specific needs. Every customer is absolutely unique. Some customers are concerned with product technology and ease of use. Others value training and support. While others still focus upon mitigating risk and being compliant with laws. AED One-Stop Shop pairs you with the right AED defibrillator products and complementing services.

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Affordable Hypnosis

Davie  Florida

Hypnotherapy , Weight Loss Hypnosis, Quit Smoking Hypnosis.

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After Hours Hypnotherapy

Augusta  Georgia

After Hours Hypnotherapy strives to be the premier hypnotherapy practice in the

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RZRv3cKdXlQ9  Nebraska

Hey Brother,Any of the trails are going to be snow cevored but, if you want to try snow biking it might not be too bad since the temps have been so cold and there has been wind. With studs etc., it might work out but otherwise prob not. Most of the roads on the west side of town still have slush etc. on them so probably not great for road biking.I can't go but I will be up for some snow biking this winter at times. I built a bike specifically for this with studs, fenders, etc. I typically try to do it up at Alderfer, etc. and I go when it's cold so that everything is frozen. It's also best after it's been packed down by hikers which I'm thinking may not be the case yet on most of the trails due to lack of hiking opportunities. Anyway, if you go, let us know how it was. [url=]evpckne[/url] [link=]dgyvguouqhg[/link]

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Ashtons Removals


Today, Ashtons Removals boasts of being the Gold Coastís most experienced removal firm and continues to set benchmarks for other removal firms to follow. Professional furniture removalist.

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Access Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Dallas  TX

Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc. engages in the development of polymer linked cytotoxics for use in the treatment of cancer and other diseases states utilizing proprietary delivery technologies. The company? lead product AP5346, which is in phase II clinical

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Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning


No other company does general and specialized cleaning like Boss System. We have over 15 years of experience under our belt, which tells you that we can overcome challenges to make your space squeaky clean.

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Atlanta Colonic & Massage Spa

Alpharetta  Georgia

Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Cumming, Colon Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic Massage

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Alfred W. Forrester, M.D.

Timonium  Maryland

Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy, Behavioral Therapy

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Put Locker pvt ltd

Beverly Hills  California

weekly blog about paris and greater france and occasionally other places and things. Informative Nursing Blog by recognized health expert. Learn about Nursing Schools and latest medical news and technology.

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Allan N. Schwartz PhD, LCSW

Superior  Colorado

Marriage Counseling, Psychotherapy, Individual Therapy

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Allcon (NSW) Pty Ltd


Tilt-up concrete construction is a proven method for Building Office Buildings, Retail Centres, Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Call Centres, Manufacturing Facilities and other Commercial / Industrial Structures.

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Alliance Aviation


Allaince Aviation invites every professional pilot and those who want to persue their career in aviation.We are always ready for to help you!Alliance Aviation is one of Indiaís premier Type Rating Training provider, having trained more Initial A320 pilots than any other single private entity.

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All Pro Roofing

Plano  Texas

Our Credentials: Member, North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA). Accredited Business, Better Business Bureau (BBB). 2009 Awardee, Angie's List Super Service Award. Insured and Bonded. Our Roofing Services include: *roof repair *roof installation *roof replacement *roof restoration *metal roofing *roof inspection *roofing consultation *radiant barrier installation *attic ventilation and any other roofing service you may require.

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All Valley Landscaping


All Valley Landscaping provides a variety of services in Phoenix AZ, including renovations, pavers, tree removal, and any other landscaping needs in Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas. Call us today!

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Austwest Charters


All Ways Perth Bus offers great service and value for money with the cheapest quotes for all your party bus & general bus charter. A family operated business with over 13 years experience in the Industry our buses can hold from 19 up to 55 people. You will find that our party bus quotes are generally 20 to 30% cheaper than other party bus companies. Sometimes even 50+%!

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Gp4YTfrF5Hc  Illinois

„āą„āä:Simply to follow up on the uatpde of this matter on your web-site and want to let you know how much I treasured the time you took to produce this beneficial post. Inside the post, you actually spoke on how to seriously handle this challenge with all comfort. It would be my pleasure to gather some more suggestions from your site and come as much as offer others what I learned from you. I appreciate your usual good effort.

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Am a Princess collection

Rosedale  New York

Look your bets with pony tail holders and other hair accessories from Am a Princ

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Focus Treatment Centers


Our multidisciplinary staff is comprised of doctors, psychotherapists, dieticians and nurses, many of which are walking their own path of recovery, sharing a passion and dedication to providing memorable and quality care to each patient and their loved ones. Treatment is individualized and holistic with a focus on reconnecting mind, body, and spirit and celebrating each personís unique life experience.

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Tustin  CA

AMDL, Inc., a theranostics company, engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of various immunodiagnostic kits for the detection of cancer and other diseases. Its products include DR-70, a test kit is used to assist in the detection of

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Brother Jimmys BBQ

Miami  Florida

Brother Jimmys BBQ 900 S. Miami Ave. Suite 135 Miami, FL 33130, United States

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Sportswise Physiotherapy


SportsWise Physiotherapy is based in the Southern suburbs of Perth, with locations in Cockburn Central, Leeming and Willetton.

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Andrew Todd Thomas, PsyD

Montclair  New Jersey

Psychologist, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Mental Health Service, ADHD Counseling

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Angels Cremation & Burials


Sandy, the owner, began her career in the mortuary business after losing two children, her parents, and many other close family and friends. Because of her experiences, she has empathy with those who are mourning.

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Orthocare Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


Orthocare Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation offeres massage therapy treatment as well as accupunture, concussion treatment, and more. Visit us today!

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Anthracite Capital Inc.

New York  NY

Anthracite Capital, Inc. operates as a real estate investment trust. It invests in a portfolio of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), multifamily and commercial mortgage loans, and other real estate-related assets in the United States and intern

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Catherine Auman LMFT

Los Angeles  California

spiritual therapist, spiritual psychotherapy, spiritual counseling

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Ireland Clinic Of Chiropractic LLC


The Ireland Clinic has been providing chiropractic services to Alaskans since 1971. We accept most insurance plans and specialize in Workerís Compensation, Personal Injury, Whiplash and other difficult, painful and chronic cases. All care provided by the Ireland Clinic is gentle and personalized to each patientís specific needs. Our doctors listen carefully to your concerns and explain findings and recommendations in an honest, sensitive and thorough manner.

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For more than 25 years, the Boulder Colorado irrigation specialists of Ark Sprinklers & Landscape have been involved in different aspects of the irrigation and Boulder landscaping business. We love and appreciate the opportunity to create and work closely with our clients. What has set Ark Sprinklers and Landscape apart from other businesses is that we take pride in what we do and provide a higher focus on complete customer satisfaction.

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cheapest smm panel

Karachi  Alabama

JustAnotherPanel has the Cheapest SMM Panel and 100% High Quality for all social

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ASAP Inkjets

Los Angeles  California

Asap Inkjets offering Brother HL-2240 toner cartridges on great deals, shop with

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Ball Corporation

Broomfield  CO

Ball Corporation offers metal and plastic packaging to the beverage and food industries worldwide. It offers aluminum and steel beverage cans for carbonated soft drinks, beer, energy drinks, and other beverages. The company also produces two-piece and thr

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ryQVBmYR  Florida

Hello from Regina!A number of years ago I had to do a lot of oriderng from companies in the deep south of the USA. When I gave me address and got to the city name, there was always a LOOOONNNNNG pause on the other end of the phone which would signal me to spell out the city. Then they would pronounce it like the latin queen rather than a body part. [url=]kwbowgqaug[/url] [link=]pehztn[/link]

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Ashley Furniture HomeStore


Ashley Furniture HomeStore - a renowned furniture store in Killeen, TX, offers wide variety of furniture for living room, dining room, home office, bedroom, kidís room and entertainment room. The furniture store also showcases a variety of home accessories including rugs, accent pillows, throws, bedding, lamps and other decorative items. Visit the Killeen based store to revamp the dťcor of your home with the most elegant and stylish furniture and furnishing items. Website :-

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Brooke Corp.

Overland Park  KS

Brooke Corporation, through its subsidiaries, sells property and casualty insurance, and other services to individuals and small businesses through a network of franchised locations in the United States. The company operates in three segments, Franchise S

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Atlantic Skin Care Inc


We offer a variety of skincare services including chemical peels, sclerotherapy, nonsurgical skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and more. Give us a call today!

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ATP Oil & Gas Corp.

Houston  TX

ATP Oil & Gas Corporation engages in the acquisition, development, and production of oil and natural gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the North Sea. As of December 31, 2005, the company had leasehold and other interests in 76

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Minneapolis Water Damage Experts

Minneapolis  Minnesota

If you have experienced water damage in Minneapolis due to fire, flood or other

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