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Details of Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. 
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 Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. 
Contact: Abhishek Nayyar 
Address: Plot No - 9b, Sec-24, Industrial Area, Behind Petrol Pump   12100 UNITED STATES 
Tel No: 91-418-7205
Fax No: 91-418-7212
Products / Services: Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. has been a recognize name in Rotogravure Printing Industry as a professional digital cylinders and Embossing Rollers manufacturer. Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. owned by Shanxi Yuncheng Plate Making Group, China. Yuncheng Plate Making Group is one of the largest professional gravure cylinder supplier with over 420 Helioklischographs (Hell, Datwyler, Ohio) and over 70 branches in 14 countries. It has over 23 years history, highly skilled employees, competitive price, highest quality and best service. Yuncheng Plate Making Group branches includes domestic & overseas market, such as Mexico Yuncheng, Bangkok Yuncheng, Karachi Yuncheng, Turky Yuncheng Vietnam Yuncheng, Egypt Yuncheng, Indonesia Yuncheng, India Yuncheng, Poland Yuncheng, American Yuncheng, etc.

Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. carry a range of Rotogravure Electronic Printing Cylinders / Rollers to suit every printing task great or small. Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. includes industry renowned Gravostar Engraving Machines setup from leading Engraving Machine manufacturer MDC Daetwyler (Switzerland). Yuncheng Rotogravure Pvt. Ltd. supply a range of Quality Electronic Rotogravure Printing Cylinders for flexible laminates (Packaging), security printing, cigarettes, food & beverage packaging, pharmaceutical & chemical packaging, tobacco packaging, Decoration, Textile etc. We are also able to deliver embossing rollers which widely used in imitation leather, aluminum foil, wall-paper, paper Band, tobacco, Dinner paper, nonwoven-fabric, etc.

We are offering the following services:
- reproduction, colour separation and proof prints
- galvanic processing of cylinders (nickel, copper, chrome)
- preparing cylinder surface for engraving (pre-finishing and post-finishing)
- electromechanical engraving (diamond graver)
- regeneration of chrome coating
- preparing steel bases according to delivered technical design

High quality, professional service and short delivery times are among our chief assets.
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